Rabbit Supplies Checklist ☑

Cage/Area to keep your rabbit
Food Bowl
Water Bottle or Bowl
Safe veggies
Good quality Timothy Based Pellets
Bedding/ Fleece Blankets
Litter Box
Litter Substrate
Chew toys or safe twigs to wear down teeth
Hidey House (For rabbit to retreat to when feeling scared)

Woodstove pellets, Newspaper pellets (litter)
Aspen shavings or care fresh (no pine or cedar shavings!!)
Grooming Brush
Hay Rack
First Aid box
Nail Clippers
White Vinegar
Sponges/ Rags
Dustpan and Brush

Fun stuff for your bun:
Clicker for clicker training
Jingly balls
Baby links or other hard plastic baby toys
Cardboard box for playing
Chews and Wood Kabobs
Cat tunnels

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