Are rabbits meant for me?


I love when people tell me that they’re interested in owning a bunny! And I’m especially excited when they actually ask questions as to whether or not owning a rabbit would be a good idea for them! If you are sure you aren’t allergic to the fur or saliva of rabbits that’s great! Here are a few more things you might want to think about:

Rabbits aren’t as “easy” of a pet as you think they are. There are somethings that rabbits just do because well… they’re just rabbits. They have their own quirky set of characteristics that just belong to their species and though not all buns are similar there definitely are somethings that they will do that makes a rabbit a rabbit.  :)

Rabbits are chewers!  This is because their teeth are constantly growing and they need to wear them down by chewing- not only that but they’re also kinda just curious. So keep in mind that if you have a rabbit they might chew on your furniture, your sofa, your hardwood floor, your baseboards, your carpets, your cables (especially phone, laptop, ipod chargers) they may chew the buttons of your remote control, the straps off your flips flops- typically anything that may cause interest to rabbits will be chinned on and then, well chewed off.

You have to understand that them being a chewer isn’t a bad trait or something they need to be disciplined on because thats just what rabbits do. I have lost more then $150 dollars worth of macbook and phone chargers :( so keep that in mind. Be prepared for the worst and also try preventing things before they happen by using wire protectors or keeping all the cables out of reach.

Rabbits do not like being picked up! This doesn’t mean they aren’t cuddlers it just means that all cuddling should be done on the ground or surfaces where they feel safe. Most rabbits, if not all, like being on a sturdy surface where all four feet of theirs are stable. They fear being picked up off the ground because they don’t feel secure. So yeah, picking them up and cuddling them may not always work and may even end up with scratches. But if you’re okay with that and would rather pet, cuddle, and observe them where they feel safe then you’re good to go! If you want an animal that would jump into your arms and let you carry them around you may want to get a cat or dog instead.

Expenses may become an issue for you. The bare necessities each month would consist of hay, litter, and fresh veggies. You probably would need to purchase veggies at least once a week (if not more) which can be very expensive at the end ofeach month. And then you have to add up the cost of vet visits which can become pricey because they’re considered exotic animals, not to mention how expensive neutering/spaying them are! You will also need to buy the things listed here .

Living enclosures- rabbits are more social when they live with you indoors.  Being indoors protects them from the wild animals or insects that may harm them, prevents them from facing too hot or too cold temperatures, and allows them to form a closer bond with you. You also need to plan out where your rabbit is going to live- are they going to be caged or free ranged? If they are going to be enclosed in an area, are you sure the cage is big enough? A typical pet store cage will certainly not cut it.

If all of these things are no big deal for you-  then yes a rabbit would be a great pet! Keep in mind this post wasn’t made to deter you away from owning a rabbit. Although the stuff may seem very serious it’s not too big of a deal or change to your lifestyle. You just need to be aware and prepared for any addition just like when your welcoming any new pet or family member to your home!

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