Where to Get a rabbit?

AdoptMeBunnyThe first place that probably comes into everyones mind is a pet shop! In reality you might want to reconsider that. There are many places where you can get a bunny- pet shops, animal shelters, farms, breeders, craigslist ads etc. When looking to get a rabbit you want to make sure the rabbit you get is healthy and free from any diseases.

Getting a rabbit from pet shops or craigslist posts could be quite iffy because you really don’t know if the rabbit is healthy or not. Rabbits are prey animals and tend to hide their sicknesses till the last moment. Pet shops get their pets from different places and some places might be cruel mass breeding facilities. Craigslist rabbits are also a bit tricky as you never know if the rabbit is healthy or not. However if you ever see a rabbit in a pet shop or a craiglist post that really needs a home and you are sure you can take care of them and get them vet checked I say go for it because yes, every rabbit needs a home.

I always recommend getting pets from shelters and rescue groups as they are definitely vet checked before listing them up for adoption. Most shelters have already spayed/neutered the rabbit and because the rabbit is always handled they will be socialized. The shelter can also tell you about the rabbits personality and preferences so that you may choose a rabbit more suitable to you. So definitely check shelters out as you will be giving a rabbit a second chance!

If you are going to get a rabbit from a breeder PLEASE make sure the breeder is a reputable one. Get to know the breeder and go see where the rabbits are living and if the living conditions are clean and well maintained. A good breeder doesn’t just breed for the money!! The breeder should be able to explain common genetic problems and should actually ask lots of questions to you before giving you a rabbit, this way you know they actually care for the well being of the animal.

Remember that the price of actually adopting a rabbit isn’t the only expensive part as you will need to spay or neuter them afterwards which can be very expensive depending where you live.  And yes its crucial in getting them fixed as rabbits will become very very aggressive and hormonal when they reach maturity and female rabbits are at a very high risk of many reproductive cancers. So really think about all your options before purchasing a rabbit on a whim.


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