Bottles Vs. Bowls

Every rabbit owner has different opinions on whats better for rabbits. We all want whats best for our furry little friends. Because of this there are many different views on several things tied to the bunny community which some people seem as dangerous or unacceptable. A topic that’s been popping up a lot lately was arguments between owners for and against rabbit water bottles

Rabbit-Bowl lg_31623_41233PI’d love to share my opinion on the subject and hopefully clear some misconceptions some owners seem to have thinking that water bottles are unacceptable for rabbits. I, as a bunny parent, have two different rabbits with two very different personalities. Ive tried several types of water bottles and several types of water bowls for each bun. In the end Oreo prefers to drink from a bottle whereas Linkin ultimately prefers the water bowl.

Now whats the difference between the bowl and the bottle? And whats more useful? Well honestly, its up to you- as an owner-  to decide what to use.

Water Bowl

 Many owners find water bowls more practical. It’s easy to change the water everyday and it also doesn’t “leak” the way bottles do. They’re easy to clean and if broken, are easy to be replaced. However there is also a downside to water bowls. If you live in places where the climate is very hot, water in water bowls tend to evaporate very quickly and if you leave your rabbit at home unattended for a while its possible that by the time you get back the water has evaporated and your bunny was left dehydrated or thirsty. Or if your bunny is an outdoor bunny (i don’t recommend keeping them outdoors) in the winter, your rabbits water would freeze to ice which would also be a problem.  You definitely need to take the surrounding temperature into consideration when deciding whether to use a water bowl. Another problem with water bowls is that some bunnies, being the naughty fellas they are, love to tip, chuck, and knock over their water bowls. This again can cause problems if you leave your bunny home when going to work or school as your rabbit may become dehydrated when you aren’t around- not to mention the nuisance it would be to keep soaking up the mess and refilling the bowl. However you can stop your rabbit from doing this if you have a heavy enough bowl or you secure your bowl down with something. Lastly with water bowls you need to make sure your cleaning and refilling the bowl regularly. You should refill the bowl at least twice a day to ensure the water is fresh and doesn’t have any stray dust or fur in it.

If the temperature where you live is moderate,  you have a sturdy enough bowl, and you can make sure to refill the bowl twice a day-  a water bowl is perfect for you.

Water Bottle

If you aren’t home often and water bowls seem like too much work,  you may prefer to use a water bottle. Water bottles only need to be refilled once per day and you have the benefit of not getting any fur or debris into the water. In hot climates its much more practical to be using a water bowl. If you are a traveler and frequently take your bunnies in cars and trains its much easier to hook a bottle to your rabbits carrier than it is to leave a water bowl in there with them. The downside to water bottles is that it takes longer to unscrew, pour out, and refill the bottle. Its also harder to clean it out as you’d need to scrub it down with a bottle cleaner. The biggest problem i’d say with a water bottle is that some of them drip, so you’d have to monitor it everyday and make sure its functioning properly.

No matter what you choose however its ultimately up do the rabbit to decide what to use. More likely than not your rabbit would prefer to drink from the water bowl as its a more natural position to drink, but some rabbits- like Oreo-  prefer after a long time spent grazing hay to guzzle down water through the bottle. You can easily teach your rabbit to drink from a water bottle but that’s another topic itself..

Hope I gave you relevant information on deciding whats better for your pet bun and cleared a few misconceptions. Hugs and bunny kisses from us! :*

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