I-heart-veggiesThese foods should make up about 75% of the fresh portion of your rabbit’s diet (about 1 packed cup per 2 lbs of body weight per day). There are three types of veggies: low in oxalic acid, which should make the most of your rabbits salad, high in oxalic acid which shouldn’t be the main part of your rabbits salad, and non-leafy green vegetables.

Leafy Greens (low in oxalic acid)


Carrot tops

Cucumber leaves



Frisee Lettuce

Kale (all types)


Red or green lettuce

Romaine lettuce

Spring greens

Turnip greens

Dandelion greens

Mint (any variety)

Basil (any variety)




Raspberry leaves



Bok Choy

Fennel (the leafy tops as well as the base)

Borage leaves

Dill leaves

Yu choy

Leafy Greens (high in oxalic acid) (need to be rotated due to oxalic acid content and only 1 out of three varieties of greens a day should be from this list)



Mustard greens

Beet greens

Swiss chard

Radish tops

Sprouts (from 1 to 6 days after sprouting, sprouts have higher levels of alkaloids)

Non-leafy Veggies

These should be no more than about 15 % of their fresh diet (About 1 tablespoon per 2 lbs of body weight per day


Broccoli (leaves and stems)

Edible flowers (roses, nasturtiums, pansies, hibiscus)


Bell peppers (any color)

Chinese pea pods (the flat kind without large peas)

Brussel sprouts

Cabbage (any type)


Summer squash

Zucchini squash


3144001_origRabbits should always have an unlimited amount of hay to eat at all times! Hay is the most important part of a rabbits diet and is essential for keeping your bunnies healthy. It provides:

*roughage, which reduces the danger of hairballs and other blockages.

* Hay keeps the gut moving and helps with digestion

*Helps wear down your rabbit’s constantly growing teeth

*Helps with litter training when placed in your rabbit’s litter box

They best type of hay for rabbits is definitely Timothy Hay. Till 3 months of age they should be getting Alfalfa Hay, once they hit 3 months + they should be getting Timothy hay.

Best brands of hay that I have personally tried out:

-All living things Natural timothy hay: My bunnies love this from all brands

-Oxbow Timothy hay

You can also buy hay from a farm, as it is cheaper, however you have to be careful because farm hay might not be as clean and can contain dirt or even fleas, tics, and other diseases. So only purchase farm hay from well trusted farmers!